St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is March 17th

Also known as Paddy’s Day or St. Paddy’s Day it is the day that Saint Patrick is celebrated who is the Patron Saint of Ireland.

St Patricks DayNorthern Ireland has St. Patrick’s Day as a bank holiday and it is a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland.

Although March 17th is St Patrick’s Day there is rare instances when the date is moved due to it falling on Holy Week. In 1940 it was celebrated on April 3rd and in 2008 it was celebrated on March 15th.

Not only in Ireland is St Patrick’s Day celebrated but in many places around the world, originally by those who had Irish decent but increasingly now by those who don’t have any Irish decent. Festivals and parades are quite often used to mark the day.

The colour of the day is pretty much themed around being green as this is one of the main colours of Ireland and also because of the green shamrock where people used to call wearing one “wearing of the green”, also anything to do with Ireland is also pulled into the festivities such as foods and drinks (especially Guinness).

The Chicago river is dyed green each year for St Patrick’s Day.

Find out about St Patrick’s Day 2009.

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