Boxing Day

Boxing day is on the 26th December.

It is the day that follows Christmas day and is another bank holiday. If Boxing Day falls on a weekend day then the Boxing Day bank holiday will be carried forward to either the Monday (if it falls on a Saturday) or to the Tuesday (if it falls on a Sunday or if Christmas Day is a Sunday). The reason it can be either the Monday or the Tuesday all depends on if Christmas Day also falls on a weekend or not, if so then the bank holidays are added on to the start of the following week so that everyone receives the extra days off.

In the shops many Christmas Sales start on Boxing Day as they try to sell off all the extra stock that they have left over from the run up to Christmas. The Boxing Day sales are very popular and many shops are packed out as shoppers try to get some bargains.

Boxing day is also now a huge sporting day, with football and rugby fixtures all taking place, predominantly between local teams so as to avoid long distance traveling for teams and fans.

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