Good Friday Traditions

On Good Friday there are a number of different traditions that take place.
For starters Good Friday is a Bank Holiday and is the start of a extra long 4 day weekend as Easter Monday is also a Bank Holiday date too.

Some Christians have a day of fasting on Good Friday. Fasting is where you don’t eat and is done to recognise and remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for everyone with his crucifixion on Good Friday.
Many don’t eat nothing throughout Good Friday but tend to eat less. Fish also tends to be eaten instead of meat.

Another Christian activity is a procession of witness. This is the carrying of a cross through the streets and into Church, it symbolises the walk Jesus made before he was crucified on the cross.

At some point in the day, quite often around 3pm in the afternoon a service will be held in Church as this is around the time of the day that Jesus died.

The traditional food to eat on Good Friday is Hot Cross Buns. The reason hot cross buns are popular and eaten is because of the pastry cross that is on top of the buns which represents the cross that Jesus was crucified on.
The song that accompanies them is:
“Hot cross buns, Hot cross buns,
One a penny, two a penny,
Hot cross buns.”

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